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Reach your Destination with Peace of Mind Thanks to the Charging Planner in the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche Taycan Charging Planner


With active route guidance, the Charging Planner ensures optimal trip and charging planning. First, the navigation system calculates the fastest or shortest route based on real-time traffic information.

Then, the Charging Planner plans the ideal charging stops for the entire trip. The goal at all times is to minimise travel time, so shorter detours may be used if they get you to your destination quicker. The arrival time is always calculated based on the expected charging times.

If the battery level of your Porsche will fall below a certain value, approx 13%, before you reach your destination, the Charging Planner plans in charging stops to ensure you arrive with a minimum range. Similarly, it makes even more efficient use of potential range to avoid charging stops if the calculated battery level in range mode is below a certain value approx. 6%.

These features are just one example of the many functions and services that Porsche Connect offers you. You can find an overview of all the features available for your vehicle in the Porsche Connect Store For more information, please contact us on 01313 412 719 or email info@porscheedinburgh.co.uk and speak to a member of the team.