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Open your window to the world of Porsche.

Transform your garage or favourite room into a den of sports car passion. Or surprise the Porsche enthusiasts among your friends and family with extraordinary gift ideas.

Discover some of our Soul Garage products below:


Porsche Calendar 2022 'One Of 1'

Discover unique sports cars for each month of the year under the motto 'One of 1'. From prototypes and test vehicles to unique pieces as required. High print quality, including a collector's coin.

£44.00 inc. VAT

Item no.: WAP0920020NVPK


911 Motorsport hood

A piece of Porsche history – for your home. The original front hood of the historic Porsche 911 (G-model) in white with a foil decal in popular Motorsport finishes, as well as an original historic Porsche crest, is not just an impressive decoration, but also a stylish magnetic wall.

£3,263.00 inc. VAT

Item no.: WAP0503000MSFG


Enamel plate - Porsche Crest

Enamel sign – Porsche Crest version, 45x38 cm. The new edition of the original from the early 1960s for mounting on your wall. 

£359.00 inc. VAT

Item no.: 64470100710


To find out more about these or other items please contact our team on 0131 657 8220  or alternatively visit the Soul Garage page of the Porsche Lifestyle collection.