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Driven by Dreams


Lusion has created a visual synthesis of the intangible human creative process, from dream to conception, inspired by the relentless pursuit of the Ferry Porsche dream to build the perfect sports car when he could not find it anywhere else. A cutting-edge blend of technology, art and animation that encapsulates the Driven by Dreams ethos, Lusion uses generative art and expressive motion graphics to illustrate the evolution of the creative process from spark of conception to finished car, this dynamic visual journey culminates in an exotic representation of the distinctive flowing silhouette of the Porsche that started it all, the 356/1.

The 4 stages of realising a dream – as presented in the Artwork:

Chaos - The restless universe of potential into which the Dream is born. The starting point is chaos, we began by looking at the experience of Ferry Porsche and the human thought process. Lusion worked with cutting-edge generative software to create flowing ribbons and exploding galaxies of particles, together with advanced AI image generators.

Calm - Out of this apparent chaos comes a period of calm, as the firing neurons and particle clouds gradually simmer down and settle. These pockets of calm represent the self-control and concentration Ferry Porsche would have needed in order to form his dream, they show his ability to block out the noise and move forwards.

Convergence - Where the dreams first start to establish themselves. Ideas start to take shape, some thoughts survived, others were discarded and our pursuit truly begins. As the particles resolve from chaos into a tangible form, they appear to cascade through a dramatic landscape, following contours and streaming around obstacles. This visualisation of the creative process represents how tiny elements converge and coalesce to result in physical forms. For Ferry Porsche, that form was to become the very first Porsche sports car, the 356 ‘No 1’ Roadster, a dream that eventually inspired many others.

Catalyst - Where we witness the growth of the dream in its naive, pure, beautiful and resilient form. The spectacular moment of catalysis through the ‘blooming’ of artificially generated flowers illustrates how inspiration works, growing from one idea into infinite variations. This is the catalyst stage of Lusion’s creative journey, as bouquets of vibrant, almost alien, blossoms sprout and grow until they form the distinctive flowing silhouette that has characterised the long lineage of Porsche sports cars. Technology, art, and animation come together to form a stunning piece of artwork.

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