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Get Ready for Summer with the Porsche Roof Tent


Passionate Porsche enthusiasts can now spend the night in close proximity to their sports car. Better yet by ending a day of adventure in the Porsche roof tent.

The elevated lying position offers a wonderful view of forest and meadows, mountains and lakes. Those who want to can also look up through the skylight and go on an adventurous discovery of the night sky. In addition to the Skyview skylight, the roof tent has 2 side windows. These can be opened completely for ventilation and closed at night with an insect screen and additional blackout screen. While driving, the 2-person tent is safely stowed in an aerodynamically shaped hard shell case.

At your chosen spot, it can be set up in no time at all. After opening the two lockable safety tabs, the hard shell case is lifted a little and then unfolded, thanks to support from two gas pressure shock absorbers. The underbody foot section can then be unfolded and stabilised using the integrated telescopic ladders. Afterwards, the already unfolded tent only needs to be shaped and tensioned with 4 spring rods.

The perfect adventure. 

For more information on the New Porsche Roof Tent, get intouch today on 0131 657 8220 or email us at info@porscheedinburgh.co.uk