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Value retention

Protecting the value of your Porsche

How much is a dream worth? And for how long is it of value? That depends. On the quality and regularity of its upkeep.

Your Porsche will only retain its value in the long-term if it is consistently maintained by the right people. So to protect your investment, we recommend you use our Centre to service your car.

Porsche-trained Technicians

Porsche-trained Technicians

Your Porsche deserves to be cared for by people who know and understand Porsche cars. People trained by Porsche, people who live and breathe Porsche.

Our Porsche-trained Technicians take part in regular, ongoing training to ensure they remain experts in servicing your vehicle. They have access to the latest technical information from Porsche AG in Germany, ensuring that the knowledge and experience from over 60 years of sports car development is shared around the world.  

They also undergo advanced driver training, so you can be rest assured your Porsche is always in safe hands.

Porsche Genuine Parts

Porsche Genuine Parts

Our Centre has access to Porsche Genuine Parts that will enable you to ensure your car remains 100% Porsche for maximum safety, reliability and value retention. 

Our comprehensive range of Porsche Genuine Parts is kept on-site, each covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty, to return your car to the road as soon as possible.  

Special Tools

Special tools

Our Centre is equipped with the latest Porsche-approved tools and technology born out of lessons we learn on the track, things that can make the difference between satisfactory and perfect.

We use the sophisticated Porsche Integrated Workshop System (PIWIS) diagnostic tool. This analyses your Porsche’s electronic control units to help diagnose faults and update software.

Our quality control systems mean we constantly assess and improve the standard of our work.

Direct Dialogue Bay

Direct Dialogue Bay

The better you know your Porsche, the better your ownership experience will be. It’s about making high performance visible.

Our Direct Dialogue Bay allows you to accompany the Porsche-trained Technician on a thorough inspection of your vehicle from all angles (including the underside) before it enters the workshop, so that you can better understand the condition of your car and any work required.

To arrange an appointment, contact a member of our Service Team.

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Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Ensure you're kept up-to-date with the latest information regarding the service and maintenance of your Porsche.

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